Aladdin tunnel story

The Aladdin products can always prove their reliability under very special circumstances. So far we used the Flexlite 1, Bi-Flex 1 and A-Lite especially for mobile applications like interviews and news reports. At our last report we had once more very special circumstances. But this time we had the right gear for the right job.

Facing the Gotthard tunnel (third longest car tunnel in the world) we knew that light wasn’t just availabe. There is of course normal street lighting but this doesn’t meet our needs to light up the interior of a car. With one Flexlite 2 attached to the rear window and another one to the ceiling of the interior, we managed to get a clean basic light. By flexing the one in the middle we created an even light scattering. On the rear-view mirror we fixed two A-Lite Bi-Color lights. We choose a warm color temperature to match with the street lighting of the tunnel.  In another scene we fixed the Flexlites on the rear of the front seats to brighten up the passengers in the back seat.

With this simple setup we managed to achieve great results under difficult conditions.  I would recommend Aladdin products to everyone with high requirements, as well as people who have to work time efficient  and especially teams who are facing difficult light situations.

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