Colors on the road

Once upon a time there was a light that changed the way I worked.

Colors on the Road

Aladdin ALL-IN 1

We had a fun project on the table to shoot an internal training film for an insurance company. One of the scenes was a night drive through a small town. The driver had to be visible to see his reaction. Instead of hiding small lights in the cockpit we tried something completely new. We have used the Aladdin ALL-IN 1 panel and managed to tape it to the ceiling of the rear seats. This setup took us a few minutes and we still had enough space for all the camera gear.

We gave the cockpit and driver a red glow. With the red of the ALL-IN 1 we had a better contrast to what was visible through the windshield. The red glow also made the scene more tense than the standard bi-color range. Changing the colors and dimming it was incredibly easy. We have used the free ALL-IN app on the iPhone. Make your settings and you are all set.

What I loved most working with the ALL-IN was obviously the RGB. For many scenes we chose many different colors within seconds. This gave the final film a much more creative touch than standard lighting with bi-color lights. The mounting with Aladdin Lights is incredible as well. We have just used some gaffer tape and didn’t have any trouble with it at all.

Tizian Tenzin

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