The devine order

Our latest Swiss movie plays in a small village in the 1970s. The society is changing and a young housewife named Nora supports the women’s suffrage. At this period tapestries, tiles and light bulbs characterize the classic image of a middle class apartment.

We were very careful when lighting the apartment. The charm of the 70s should be clearly visible. Nevertheless the individual rooms should express inhibitions and oppressive mood of the subject. 

We have used an Aladdin Bi-Flex 4 panel as a basic light in every room. Except in the living room we have easily adhered it with Gaffertape. As the panel is very lightweight we had no problems at all. Without accessories, the Bi-Flex 4 has a large scattering angle. Therefore, we have often used black tape as a barn door or a simple grid. 

The light was perfect for our shoot. With a great cost effectiveness we never had to worry about our budget. The cinema quality of our movie was guaranteed with Aladdin. We will certainly use the lights for ever. 


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