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The quality of a shooting often depends on keeping a cool head and the overview. Time pressure and lack of space have always been normal in the movie business. Therefore I am planning carefully and try to match up the equipment. I used the Aladdin Flexlite for the first time for our highspeed advertisment shoot. How does this fit in the family of highend equipment?

We at Kamerawerk have been specialized in highspeed pictures for a long time. Our motion pictures shall be taken with a Phantom Flex 4K. For 500 pictures in a second we needed a lot of light for our kitchen setup, therefore we used ARRI HMI lightheads behind diffusors as keylight and we needed a fill light to create the scene more lively. For this purpose we used the Aladdin Flexlite 1.

When I held the Flexlite 1 for the first time in my hands, I was surprised by the quality and the light weight. It was the product every cameraman was looking for, then flexibility is very important in this business. The Flexlite 1 is the epitome of flexibility.

I admit the price is high as for every quality product but the price performance ratio is 100% correct.  During the shooting we were able to move the light quickly and fix it easily with one or two stripes of Gaffer Tape. Thanks to this combination of different equipment we could easily take our Highspeed shoots successfully. The Flexlite 1 was reliable and packed up quickly at the end of our work.  I can recommend this LED light with  a clear conscience.  For my future shootings I will always have 1 or 2 Flexlites 1 with me. You have to be flexible in this job.

Cameraman: Christian Witschi (Kamerawerk)


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