Lighting Breakdown bedroom

With Ben Steensels

This scene was part of a TVC. The premise of this scene was to show a couple not being able to sleep at night.

 We chose to backlight our subjects with “moonlight” with 2 All-In 2’s though the windows outside. We used the moonlight to rake across the faces then added the tungsten practicals in the background and dimmed to taste.  

 Adding an eyelight was crucial to portray the actors’ emotion in a dark night scene. A character without this eye light could appear dull, lifeless or even scary.

 Since this was shot on location, we had to make do with house power. In fact, we shot this scene in less then 2 hours with nothing but v-lock powered lights.

 Inside there is a bit of haze to help carry the light.

Ben Steensels Director of Photography

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