The Story behind the Picture: “Twilight Dream”

A fellow photographer and moviemaker called Tizian recently came running in my office.  He wore jogging pants,  had sweat on his forehead and was very excited.  He started: “Hi André, when I was running through the wood I found the perfect location for a dream scene photoshooting . What you have in mobile light for me?”

He then described the location as follows: It is about a 30 minutes walk in the forest.  There is a clearing with a particularly dense forest section behind, dark as the night. In the front section there are growing some single trees with white dots. This place is perfect for a shooting in the twilight.


As a photographer I was immediately interested to realize this project with him. We have to be mobile and therefore the equipment has to be lightweight and find place in a small case. This was the perfect setting for a test run with the Aladdin Flexlite 1, which we should receive in the next few days. We agreed that Tizian find a model and that I will look after the light.

In the following week the beautiful model Emily Cochran met with me and Tizian in our office. In the meantime I mounted four Aladdin Flexlites 1 on a beam which we will use as keylight and they will be operated from two V-mount batteries.  The whole thing could be held in one hand or mounted on a lightweight tripod. As a kicker, I will use a Dedolight DLED2.1 with barndoors, which is operated by an NPF battery, to give a subtle accent in the hair.  To bring some structure in the trees in the background, I took a Dedolight DLED4.1 with a V-mount battery.

With only one case in the trunk, we drove to the edge of the forest. From there we walked in the daylight and in the cold through the forest. The set up of the lights was done in no time. To my amazement, our keylight with four Aladdin Flexlites 1 was too strong even in daylight, so I reduced this to two. As a result, the battery life extended by twice.

The shooting went smoothly. The darker it got in the twilight, the more our flexible light setup proved worthwile. The Aladdin Flexlite 1 really did honour to his name and also the CRI-value of 95 convinced me totally.  With a clear conscience I can recommend the Aladdin Flexlite 1 to every ambitious filmmaker and photographer.  It is the mobile solution everybody has been waiting for.

  • 4x Flexlite 1 Aladdin
  • 1x Aladdin A Lite
  • 1x Dedolight 4.1 LED
  • 1x Dedolight 2.1 LED
  • 4x Muraro Light stand
  • 5x Vmount Battery
  • 2x NPF Battery
  • 1x Canon 5d
  • 1x 70-200mm
  • 1x 24-70mm
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