Oral-B shooting with Aladdin Lights

Doing commercials is one of my favorites. They are quick, clean and have to tell a story within seconds. In the end it’s much more effort than any consumer will ever see. But that is the fun part, getting perfection in every detail. This is why I have chosen the Aladdin Bi-Flex for this particular shooting.

Shooting with the athletic Kariem Hussein was a pleasure. As a internationally successful athlet he was already familiar with the work in front of the camera. His charisma and smile are made for television and especially for this Oral-B commercial. It was a keypoint to transmit this charisma to the camera. For me the emotions are mostly told by a good lighting.

For this studioshoot I have mainly chosen the Aladdin Bi-Flex panels. Everything had to be fast and reliable, as usual. I have already worked with the Bi-Flex panels before and it was amazing. Everyone on set was amazed by these hyperthin lights and it felt like we were on a set in the future. This is the light we were all waiting for.

I will definately use the Aladdin Bi-Flex panels again. It was a major help to get everything into camera on time. Working with Aladdin light safes time and makes me appreciate my job even more.

Production company : FUTURELITE

D.O.P. : Pascal Wasinger

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