Aladdin Kitchen lighting

With our TV show around Christmas we have been faced with a familiar challenge.  The illumination of a kitchen often causes a headache, as the stainless steel surface shines more than the Christmas star itself.  In addition, placement and humidity are always a big topic,  which is further complicated by narrow spaces.

These times I wanted to leave behind me for ever by choosing my light. The new Aladdin Flexlite 1 should be the answer to a long forgotten question: which light is requested for a clean shooting?

Besides two Aladdin tungsten Flexlites 1 I packed  by habit  some 800 W and 300 W lightheads. I used the two tungsten Flexlites 1 as main light  from the front. In order to hide them and to avoid reflexions, I placed them overhead our celebrity chef Pascal Schmutz in the  hood.  Moisture in the hood is no danger to the Aladdin Flexlite 1. Thanks to Superclamps and Magicarm they were easily set up. After a short adjustment we started our shooting and the cameras were running. We were able to fully concentrate on our wonderfully created menus without  to worry about the lighting.  I admit that only the delicious smell of the Star menu distracted us a little bit.

The taking down of the equipment was even faster than the setting up. Take down the Aladdin Flexlites 1, unplug and pack them in the case. Since the Flexlites 1 hardly generate any heat , they can be packed immediately and off you go. Therefore I recommend the Flexlites to every ambitious movie maker who wants to work independent and mobile. With enough power and a lightoutput that exceeds everything (CRI of 95) the Aladdin Flexlite 1 will remain part of my equipment for ever .


Director: Robert Schelling

Camera: Dario Meier / Oliver Grünig

Make-Up: Raquel Turon

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