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I never liked staying long in one place. Movement is life and a moving picture for me is an exciting picture. In order to film an interview for our lifestyle blog „Catch Confidence“, I opted for a constantly changing scenery. For this task I seated my partner Ladina, who would be seen in front of the camera, on the backseat of a minibus. The interview should take place while rolling. Now it was a matter to implement a mobile light setting, which meets our requirements.

I got to know earlier the Aladdin Flexlite 1 and I appreciate it very much. I always carry it in my suitcase, regardless if I am going to shoot movies or photos. For this shot I got for the first time the new Bi-Flex 1 in my hands. This model  has a Bi-Color function and can be operated easily on batteries than its predecessor. I wasn’t worried about the installation in the car because the Bi-Flex is lightweight, quiet and very easy to use, actually it has all the features that a cameraman wants. I was rather worried if the LED Panel wouldn’t dazzle to much at this distance.

 We had a strong midday sun, which was mitigated somewhat through the tinted windows. It was very important to have enough lighting power in the minibus. Who has worked with LED’s before, knows how aggressive they are when you look directly into the light. For this purpose I used the diffusor which is part of the kit and it can be mounted very easily. The result was satisfactory, because now you could look directly into the panel without having to squint. With a panel on the right and one on the left side, we got a very pleasant and soft light on the skin.

 I can recommend the Aladdin Bi-Flex 1 with my best conscience. It filled an essential gap in the video industry and enables entirely new applications. With the Bi-Flex I cannot only apply a new method of lighting at a standard set but think about new sets. With the V-mount solution imagination knows no boundaries. The full interview with Ladina can be seen on

Tizian Tenzin


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