4×4 frame with 800 watt of breathtaking Bi-Color LED power.





Shooting with TizianTenzin

Aladdin did it again! We get a product we actually need as filmmakers and not another soulless unfunctional product some company tries to impose on us. What I’m talking about is the Aladdin 4×4 frame with 800 watt of breathtaking Bi-Color LED power.

 But let’s break this frame down for a second. And I mean literally breaking it down to its own parts. There is the lightweight frame itself you can assemble out of six pieces within a minute (you can probably do that within 15 seconds, but hey I need my time mate). Then theres the velcro piece you can attach to the frame and just velcro the Bi-Flex 4 panels onto. A diffusor and a grid to just pull over. DONE!

 So apart from the easy way to set up the frame, what’s so cool about it? Let me tell you with the following list.

  1. Lightweight
  2. No.. REALLY lightweight
  3. Saves space
  4. Easy to mount
  5. A sh*tload of light output

 About the last point. Yes, I actually had to dim down the Aladdin lights to 25% power to match it with the other five lights on my set. If I ever lose my keys in the dark, I want to have this light with me.

 Overall I’m convinced this is the best choice for almost any filmset. Only weak spot is the price of the frame and four Bi-Flex 4 panels. This is way over my budget as a young filmmaker. So in the future I’ll decide to rent this beast a few more times and hopefully your rental will be able to offer this amazing light as well.

 DoP: Tizian Tenzin |

Photos: Jenny Canellas |

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