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Every once in while you are facing a very difficult shooting location. For us it was at a dark moody hotel bar. Small windows and a lot of mirrors to manage. It was a light situation doomed to fail.

But the job has to be done and we aren’t afraid of these situations. At least not when we got our Aladdin Lights with us. For this we had a Bi-Flex 1, Bi-Flex 2 and the brand new Fabric-Lite.

Working with the Fabric-Lite for the first time is really eye-opening. It’s the most soft and natural light source we ever worked with. And you know what? It weights almost nothing which gives you some extra mounting possibilities.

Overall we were able to manage lighting our bar situation. This would have been possible with other lights as well, but I’m most certain it wouldn’t have been that easy and fast. We are in love with the Aladdin Lights and wouldn’t want to miss them on our sets.


Production company: Burguete Design

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