Lighting Breakdown

With Ben Steensels

These breakdowns are small scenes out of a series of 8 commercials for a global TVC campaign for an international brand.  We shot over the course of 3 days. My gaffer (Daan De Boer) had a best boy and 2 assistants with him. 

Since the shoot was very fast paced (16 hour days), while we were shooting one scene, part of the team was already busy pre lighting the next scene. A very extensive pre-production phase with a technical recce and lighting plan was necessary for this shoot to fit all the pieces of the puzzle.

Not only were we limited on time, but the budget was quite tight as well.With that said; versatility would be key. I would need to utilize lighting sources that could serve multiple purposes, and play out in various challenging scenarios.The Bi-Flex and ALL-IN lights would become key assets for this project.

We did not have a big generator, and since this was all shot on location, we had to make do with house power.

I have to admit, I did not think we were going to make it in time. I was sure we were going to have to skip scenes, or change some scenes drastically to save time, but in the end we had to ditch only one shot.

Ben Steensels Director of Photography

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