Once upon a time there was a light that changed the way I worked.


RGB flexible Panel

Once upon a time there was a light that changed the way I worked. A few years ago Aladdin presented the first flexible LED panel. I was amazed from the first moment I held it in my hands. And just a few days ago I had one of these moments again. Aladdin allowed me to use their upcoming ALL-IN 1 RGB panel for a shoot. And boy do I have news for you.

I won’t make it a secret, obviously I fell in love with an Aladdin panel all over again. But probably not because of the reasons you might think. Yes it is flexible, yes it is super lightweight. But we have seen that before and I honestly expect that as a new standard as well. What I was really impressed about was the most simple tool you can imagine. A remote.

Yes, remotes are not new at all. But imagine this: You have a flexible RGB LED panel that can be attached almost everywhere and a small wireless remote for up to ten ALL-IN panels. Honestly what else do you need? This is the perfect combination to work fast. You’ve got RGB, Bi-Color and no need to even touch your dimmer unit after you installed the panel.

I really love where Aladdin is heading to and I can’t imagine what they could possibly come up with next. With the ALL-IN panels we have everything we’ve been craving for. Working in film and photography has never been more fun than now. It’s like a playground and the toys finally became affordable. If you love working with a camera you will love the Aladdin lights.



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