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In the land of the rising sun, lighting is also needed. For our photo and video shooting for the young label of eyeglasses NIRVAN JAVAN we were therefore looking for the best equipment with maximum flexibility.

Our goal was to capture the urban culture of Japan in creative day and night scenes. With the LED lights we had a special  contrast to the shimmering neon signs of the night.  The futuristic Bi-Flex optically matched the multimedial society of Japan.

However, we have decided for the Bi-Flex not only for aesthetic but also for practical reasons. We didn’t want to ask a permit for every scene we shot on the road but we wanted to be free to stop spontaneously and take the camera in our hands, without unnecessarily attracting attention.

When it comes to staying small and mobile, light equipment is particularly suitable. Little weight also means little staff. We were able to keep our shooting day to a minimum. The Bi-Flex Panel could be used at the boom or directly from the hand.

I could adjust the color temperature and intensity in seconds. It was also a big advantage to switch off the light after the shooting. For me the Aladdin set is my new basic for my film work which I would not want to miss anymore.


Director/DoP: Daniel Kunz
Camera: Sven Wedekind
Edit: Sven Wedekind
Grading: Margus Voll
Music: Kurt Human
Photographer: Johannes Diboky
Production Manager: Ayumi Amy Inoue
Styling: Irina Babanova-Eenabo
Hair & Make-Up: Ken at 3rd Management Tokyo
Hair & Make-Up Assistant: Shizüka Minagawa
Models: Steven Durieux, Muriel & Nirvan Javan
Client: Nirvan Javan,
Production Company: cheese & chocolate Film SA,

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Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Southkorea


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