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Big meals are often created in a small space.  The kitchen of the 18 “Gault Millau” points and the two Michelin Star chef  Rico Zandonella was inconspicuous and cosy. She was part of our shoot for TeleZüri for the New Year’s Eve Menu. Little space, a lot of heat, pernicious humidity and a very tight schedule.  A challenge for the Aladdin Felxlite 1?

The same as for our Christmas Menu shooting one week ago I packed two Aladdin Flexlites 1 tungsten and one daylight and as usual I also packed some 300W and 800W lightheads to use as accent lights. This gave a mobile and lightweight package for a hopefully successful shoot. I coped the challenge with limited space and reflecting surfaces by mounting the two tungsten Flexlites 1 in the steam hood. I fixed the lights with Gaffa Tape, Superclamp and Magicarm and were ready to start in a very short time. The third Flexlite 1 daylight I placed in the shelf of the hood. This created an indirect light for the ambience.

With this simple set up we could totaly concentrate on the shooting and our Starchef could move freely, no equipment stands in his way. Our second cameraman and I could move freely, no stands or lightheads were in the way and in the range of vision. This set up was possible only thanks to the minimal weight of the Aladdin Felxlite 1, respectivley the mounting of traditional panels would have been much more work.

The flexibility of the Aladdin Flexlites 1 was also proven in the taking down of the sets. With a tight shooting schedule, I have to go to different sets on one day. Taking off the system and packing directly is one of the big advantages. A hardcase is not necessary thanks to the flexible surface of the Flexlite 1. I will use the Aladdin Flexlite 1 for every shoot in future  and as soon as possible I will also use it for an external shooting.

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